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A plea to the world's governments to stop the worlds most serious threat to humanity:  



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This website provides clear, solid and confirmed information about the worlds most serious escalating crime phenomenon which is now taking place in all westernised countries.  



"The scenario has been made possible as a result of UMTS mobile phone networks".

It sadly  involves the murder of innocent people in a highly deniable way (by using a type of directed energy weapon system from small UAV's Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). Targeted victim's (often referred to as Targeted Individual's) are killed solely for the purpose of claiming fraudulently arranged life insurance after they have been killed by radiation beams which are applied for continuous periods often many years.



"A `Quad-copter UAV similar to those used by organised criminal groups"

The circumstances are that  since 2004, innocent people have been targeted by these worldwide organised crime groups. The scenario has been made possible  as a result of UMTS mobile phone networks and power beaming technology becoming freely available on world market's. An innocent victim (targeted individual) is murdered using electromagnetic technology by criminal groups using small UAV's which fly for endless amounts of time in the airspace above each target. 

All targets will have had life insurance arranged by big criminal groups because they were people who had lost a passport or similar identification so that a `double' of them to be created through identity theft in order to circumvent. Their double who assumes the victim's identify travels abroad pretending to be them and makes false friends, partners or business partners who assume an insured interest. The crime involves stalking an insured victim (to gather information about them so the criminal group can claim they knew them in case the insurance company investigates).

Life insurance fraud is the single and only reason for this crime. The criminal groups have also been involved in a significant misinformation campaign which mislead victims into believing that the attacks are related to some kind of government experimentation because it is widely accepted that the technology involved in the attacks is only available to governments. This is not the case as the author of the report reveals providing links to website who sell the equipment to anyone who has the money to pay for it.


 Why it's happening to people & how:

"Interconnected and hierarchal criminal groups have pulled together resources worldwide to operate a huge murder for money scheme which murders people in a deniable way for life insurance. it's the `perfect crime'".
Increased detectability of other types of crime, better surveillance, improved forensics etc. are some good reasons why criminal's have without any doubt,`stepped up a gear' and sadly chosen to embrace this most worrying sadly deniable, multi-faceted , dishonesty (theft) and murder for money (offences against the person) crime. The torture which the victim's are subjected to represent the most serious offences to ever be known to the human race. Leaving many unable to conceive that that the criminal groups would ever posses such malice to carry them out. 

The presence of this phenomenon accounts for over 8% of crime* based on recent reports by experts based in the UK reporting that they are baffled by an apparent 8% drop in crime figures.


"Criminal perpetrators can control what kind of harm a victim receives through custom made software which control's the UAV's remotely using UMTS".

There are currently an estimated seventy victims being targeted in the UK at the time of writing in May 2013. That victim number is growing very steadily. The problem is extremely serious in the USA with an estimates 2500 targeted individuals being effected at any one time across US states.

Most victims will have multiple policies arranged for them and paid for by the criminal group to make the performance of a directed energy(DEW) weapon murder over time, often many years, 'worthwhile'. It is possible to arrange life insurance very easily through online providers with minimal or no identification.

The only way to prevent further death in the author's opinion would be for insurance companies to no longer offer life insurance as a product and to refund all the premium's of existing policy holders whether they are genuine or not as it would be too great, if not an impossible task investigating all of them to see if they are genuine or not.

*Based on a report which asserted that expert's were `baffled' by an 8% drop in UK crime figures.


What government's need to do very quickly: 

Many victims are incorrectly pronounced insane by authorities who asses them for mental health owing to their obvious distress. They fail to be believed when they report their attack and in many cases find themselves up against a psychiatrist instead of an experienced detective or dedicated police support unit.


"The UAV's are kept in flight for indefinite periods using beamed electrical power in the form of a mixture of `precisely directed' beamed light energy, microwave energy (high frequency electricity) or `Tesla' style wireless power conduction. This is the most alarming achievement we discovered the criminal entity to have succeeded with. Electrical power is stolen from the grid by perching a small difficult-to-notice dedicated multiple-rotor UAV onto high voltage cables which are obviously exposed".

This can result in them being placed in a mental health hospital and needlessly medicated. Once in hospital, a victim may not be allowed to obtain metal sheets to protect themselves from the radiation beams which are being directed at them but they are not being believed about it because most people fail to believe assuming them to be suffering from a delusional mental illness as victim's struggle to describe properly what is happening to them mainly through lack of technical knowledge and obvious distress from what they are being put through. The beams which the criminal group direct at victims come from multiple UAV's at medium to high altitude, operating in the airspace above a victim in a co-ordinated fashion. These harm causing beam can go through windows, roofs, wood, plastic and even some low density metal. They can go through most types of non-structural walls and even some types of brick wall. We explain everything which individuals/law enforcement & government need to know about the technology & methods used by  the criminal groups to make this crime a reality. We explain the technology in as simple and non-technical language as possible. 

Many targeted individual's deaths over time since 2004 onwards will have been recorded as having occurred through incidence of `heart failure', a `stroke', cancer or Multiple organ dysfunction     syndrome. It is practically impossible to link the criminal entity who are targeting victims to the entity who arrange insurance with transfer of funds taking place anonymously through commodities which are likely to be untraceable such as illicit drugs, which criminal groups used as a currency supplying the much needed financial support for this massive operation.


Offence seriousness:

The aggravating factors associated with these offences are absolutely stunning and can not be ignored by any government for any amount of time now that awareness has been raised in a factual manner through this website. The author has produced this information following a nineteen month privately funded investigation which has involved covert information gathering from the gang themselves and information from police constables in the UK who were aware that this crime is real and happening. However, it was unfortunate that their superior officers would not accept that it is a reality. Most of the people who did not accept were generally over the age of forty-five. As a result these two young but well trained and experienced constables were powerless to assist victim's because of a lack of awareness among their superiors. Brilliant and outstanding aggravating factors accompany these offences for obvious reason's as a victim is intentionally brought to their death in their own home in a manner which nobody will believe them about.

The victim will die if they do not receive simple assistance like shielding* and EMF protection like metal sheets which block the incoming radiation beams which are being intentionally directed at their internal organs in such a way that is reckless as to whether it will produce or encourage their death. A huge lack of awareness is the most significant problem which this website seeks to change as a matter of urgency.

Government's need to be extremely sympathetic towards victim's and accept that they are telling the truth and accept that there are very simple measures they can take to detect whether or not a victim is being targeted by using an AM radio at random times to detect the incoming radiation beams as interference on a receiver's 'empty' channel with no station. The presence of a low frequency signal at around 18hz is present when the receivers aerial is placed at the back of the victim's neck area. This is just one method we know of which allows us to detect the invisible radiation beams involved in the attacks.

* By `shielding' we only mean shielding which we have tested and found to work which we have found only to be metal sheets which are of reasonable density. Stainless steel of 304 grade and 0.9mm thickness we found to be just about adequate and stopped the beams causing harm by 100%. A victim needs to make themselves an enclosure from at least any metal sheets they can obtain, leaving no gaps so that the enclosure can stop the incoming beams of radiation.