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Satellite technology, presumably developed and controlled by the U.S. government, is being used to track, monitor, torture and kill Americans.  The satellite operators establish an invisible microwave connection with peoples’ brains, providing constant tracking and silent surveillance.  They can hear what we hear, see what we see and even read our thoughts - total surveillance of anyone, anywhere in the world.  This technology is infinitely more frightening and Orwellian than NSA data collection.   

Unfortunately, illegal surveillance is not the most serious issue.  This technology can also be used as a remote, untraceable torture instrument and lethal weapon.  By interacting with the brain, the operators can transmit inexplicable sounds, voices, images, smells and tastes, and cause numerous pains and sensations throughout the body.  These include the sensation of electrical currents and vibrations; ear ringing; pressure on the ear drums; eye stinging and irritation; headaches; pains in the stomach, chest, heart, brain, genitals, teeth, jaws and gums; upset stomach and gastrointestinal issues; heart palpitations; shortness of breath; stinging, burning, tingling and pin prick sensations all over the body; uncontrollable itches; scratchy throat; coughing and sneezing; severe chills; dehydration; frequent urination; nasal drain; and genital stimulation/de-stimulation.  The technology can interfere with your sleep and memory and cause sudden, extreme swings in energy levels and emotional states – depression, anxiety and anger.


Victims are broken down through sleep deprivation and intense physical and psychological torture in an attempt to push them to suicide or violence.  Exhausted, disoriented and just trying to survive the torture, they are extremely vulnerable to anything, including false narratives, that might offer an explanation for their unimaginable pain and suffering.  While it may not be “mind control” as some literature suggests, the torture can dramatically alter a victim’s thought processes and physical and emotional stability.  


Aaron Alexis was targeted by satellite technology prior to the tragic Navy Yard shooting in September 2013.  Many believe Miriam Carey was also targeted prior to driving 270 miles from Stamford, Connecticut to Washington D.C., and being shot and killed fleeing a White House checkpoint in October 2013.  She believed she was being stalked and monitored in Stamford and had reported hearing President Obama’s voice.  Many other inexplicable tragedies are likely caused by this technology. 


A massive organized stalking apparatus is also being used against American citizens.  They have the ability to follow, monitor, harass and threaten people across the country.  Their numbers and enormous reach suggest government involvement and funding, possibly part of the vast Homeland Security apparatus.  The architects created a government control system with ties to organized crime - utilizing tactics similar to the Stasi and the Nazis.   

Many thousands of Americans are victims of organized stalking and satellite surveillance and torture.  Many are incorrectly diagnosed with mental illness and forced into the mental health system.  Their constitutional and human rights are under attack, and their careers, relationships, health and lives are being destroyed.  Unspeakable atrocities are being committed - Crimes against Humanity as defined by the United Nations.   


This will prove to be the largest crime in U.S. history, yet law enforcement, major media and the mental health profession have not even acknowledged the situation.  No one is investigating these crimes.  Nothing is being done to lock down the technology or stop the torture.  Please share this and help us expose and end these hideous crimes.  


Thanks, dear John!